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Mission Statement

Photos from the 2022 Event are available on CD for a $10.00 donation, Please contact a Board Member if you would like one.

  • The mission of Breaking Boundaries is to help those with HIV/AIDS in Southeast Idaho live a life of independence and dignity, through direct financial support, and also to increase awareness and prevention by providing of HIV/AIDS education to the community.

In addition, because diversity of all kinds results in stronger, richer and more welcoming communities, we promote and celebrate diversity in the following ways:

  • Education and Awareness of diversity in our programs, events and communications.
  • Support and Collaboration with other regional organizations, including sponsorships, donations and direct involvement with compelling diversity causes.
  • Advocacy for diversity, and for ending discrimination based on difference, in our public policy positions.

If you would like to partner with us in our diversity work, you can apply for a grant. Please submit our online form and we will consider your request.

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Celebrating Diversity